About Heudra Snijtechniek

Heudra Snijtechniek specializes in oxyfuel and plasma cutting. For this we have two advanced machines: a combined oxyfuel and plasma cutting bridge and an oxyfuel cutting bridge. We’re able to cut using multiple burners (torches) at the same time. Our specialized cutting table has a cutting range of 26 meters. This means that we’re able to cut 2 plates with a length of 12 meters simultaneously. For finishing, we have a drum machine, a double grinding belt sander, small grinders and sanders, a magnetic stall, a modern extraction system and welding equipment available. As a result, we can also provide welding constructions, welding edges and welding bevels.

Experienced professionals

Our employees are a close team of experienced professionals, all cut from the same steel. Their knowledge and experience with cutting, finishing and the optimal set up and operation of the machines ensures the quality that we are known for within our trusted clientele.

Heudra Metaalbewerking

Together with Heudra Metaalbewerking, specialized in CNC turning and milling technology, we are able to take care of the entire process, from semi-finished products to end products. We do this for bodywork manufacturers, the automotive industry, metalworkers, machine builders and shipyards throughout the Netherlands.

Cutting techniques

We specialize in oxyfuel and HD (high definition) plasma cutting. Both techniques have different characteristics. Oxyfuel cutting is more suitable with thick material, HD plasma is more suitable while cutting stainless steel. We work with various types of steel that differ in chemical composition.

The most common steel types, utilized from stock are S235 (ST37), S355 (ST52), S690 QL, Hardox (Hb) 400-450-500 grinding-resistant plate, Creusabro 4800 and 8000, S690 QL, Corten and stainless steel 304 and 316. We’re also able to provide other types of steel. In addition to choosing the type of steel, you can decide whether you want raw steel, blasted, or welded.